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What's the largest employment sector in Greater Manchester?

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Did you know?

  • Growing numbers of people are working ‘gigs’ where they’re employed to complete a task and then they move on
  • Between 2014 and 2024, an estimated 122,000 additional jobs are forecast to be created in the Health sector  
  • It’s predicted that companies will be mining precious metals and making rest-stops on Mars by 2025. This will create demand for Galatic Architects to design buildings that can withstand everything from subzero temperatures to extreme radiation.

What is labour market information (LMI)?

SpinningfieldsWage rates, job availability, skills gaps, unemployment rates, together with reports from professional bodies and economic summaries from think tanks, plus an array of other resources make up the wealth of knowledge we have provided under the banner of LMI.

The understanding and application of LMI is a core part of a careers professional’s competencies and is central to ensuring that young people are equipped with the information needed to make well informed realistic decisions.

LMI is information relating to work and employment. Employment areas are grouped as employment sectors. Employment sectors are jobs and careers that are related to the given sector, and may be related to each other.

Much of the information in this section of Career Point has been provided by New Economy, Greater Manchester's Policy and Research Team.

This area of the virtual environment is the successor to Work Matters in Greater Manchester.

Job Postings in Greater Manchester

Using a Labour Insight tool we have been able to gather information about what's happening in the labour market right now. The map below shows the concentration of job postings for October 2015 across Greater Manchester.


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Focus on... Bolton

Focus on… Bolton

With £100 million of projects due to open in 2015/2016 Bolton’s regeneration continues apace…

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Focus on... Logistics

Logistics is a sector that has changed considerably in the last few years. Often mistakenly seen as a purely technical job, it plays a strategic planning role requiring understanding of all aspects of the supply chain together with softer skills, such as communication, for relationships with suppliers and customers.          

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  • Manchester has right formula to be centre for science

    As Europe’s largest interdisciplinary science meeting, ESOF will bring 4,500 leading researchers, thinkers, innovators, policy makers, journalists and educators to Manchester from more than 90 countries.

  • BHS Rescue bids fail

    Department store BHS is to go into liquidation with the loss of up to 11,000 jobs after efforts to find a buyer failed.

  • Manchester is the UK’s Trendiest City!

    Manchester is the UK’s Trendiest City!

    Manchester’s flourishing arts and food scene has cemented its place as the UK’s trendiest city.


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