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How would you describe an Apprenticeship to a young person?

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Apprenticeships are work with training. Anyone not in full time education and over the age of 16 can apply for an apprenticeship.

Apprenticeships may take between 1 and 4 years, depending on the area of work and the level of the apprenticeship and the learners’ ability. There are 3 levels of apprenticeship; intermediate, advanced and higher.

Apprentices earn a training wage, which is a minimum of £3.30. This sum reflects the fact that apprentices learn skills as they progress, so it may increase as the apprentice learns more skills and is able to contribute more to the role. Like other people in the workforce, apprentices get paid holidays.

"Our project is about providing dedicated and specialist IAG to young people, parents/carers and teachers on the Apprenticeship pathway. Our specialist careers advisers deliver lots of sessions in schools and colleges ranging from Introduction sessions to Jobs for the future, and we are using the expertise of the Career Point team to deliver inputs on Labour Market Information as part of those sessions. This approach ensures that the Apprenticeship information we are providing is put into context. This collaborative approach and sharing of knowledge is why the New Economy funded project is so valued by providers." APPRENTICESHIP IAG TEAM (Donna Graham)

Apprenticeships- Study material and teachers handbook

The National Apprenticeship Service has developed materials to help students to develop a greater understanding of what apprenticeships are, and whether to choose them as a post 16 pathway. 

Download the study material and teachers handbook here
Ambassador Scheme

Who best to raise awareness of the benefits of becoming an Apprentice than Apprentices themselves?

GMLPN (Greater Manchester Learning Provider Network) recruits Apprentice Ambassadors and supports them to deliver key messages on the advantages, the Return on Investment, of Apprenticeships for organisations and individuals.

The aim is to get more young people, schools and parents to know about and understand Apprenticeships. The scheme is part of a significant drive in Greater Manchester to improve the level of access to information about Apprenticeships.

They are supporting current or recently qualified apprentices to present to those who are still in school. Moreover, they facilitate and give them the opportunity to present to schools, teachers and parents.

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What's your dream job?

The dream job competition has now been lauched! Follow the link to find out more. 

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Apprenticeship and Traineeship vacancies

Explore the live Apprenticeship and Traineeship vacancies currently on held by the National Apprenticeships Service. The maps have been specifically created to cover the whole of Greater Manchester.

Please note, this does not include all Apprenticeship or Traineeship vacancies, just those advertised with the National Apprenticeship Service.

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Apprenticeship IAG Project

Over the next two years (starting on 1st August 2014), the project will provide dedicated and specialist information, advice and guidance to young people (15-24), parents/carers and teachers on the Apprenticeship option.  Lead by Positive Steps, the project is run by a partnership of: all local targeted IAG providers; the Greater Manchester Learning Provider Network; and Key103. 

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Skilled and Ready

Skilled and Ready is a localised embedded employability award based on the CBI7 employability skills and research with employers. Through doing the award, learners will gain experience of the skills employers need and have an evidence bank for when they complete job applications and interviews. They will also have an understanding of employment opportunities in key sectors to their area. Fully supported with online resources, can your learners take up the challenge?

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The Media College

Commissioned by New Economy (City Deal), in collaboration with Manchester City Council, Wigan Council, Skills Funding Agency and the National Apprenticeship Service, to increase capacity for employers to recruit and develop Higher Level Apprenticeships in Interactive Design and Development. These are designed to both support employers and assist with the needs of our future workforce in line with Greater Manchester’s current and global future skill needs.

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Chloe is an apprentice working in Digital Marketing.

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Jade is an apprentice working in business administration.

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Focus on... Logistics

Logistics is a sector that has changed considerably in the last few years. Often mistakenly seen as a purely technical job, it plays a strategic planning role requiring understanding of all aspects of the supply chain together with softer skills, such as communication, for relationships with suppliers and customers.          

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