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As a parent or guardian you are a key influencer in the decisions your child makes about their career and education. The guidance you provide to your child at all stages of their education will be invaluable to their achievements and outcomes. The following websites are some of the best information and resources available to ensure the support you offer your child is informed and appropriate.

General careers advice and information

The following sites all contain resources to use alongside your child when helping them make career and education decision. See the descriptions below the links to find out which resources best suits your needs.

National Careers Service

There is a huge amount of information and support offered on this site, we have selected a few of the best resources available for you to use alongside your child:

  • ‘Job profiles’ this area is great for looking in detail at specific roles. You can find out about what the job involves, working hours and conditions, entry requirements and different routes into the role
  • ‘If you’re aged 13-16’ this area contains career activities including an action plan, a tool to check which kind of job will suit your child and CV builder
  • Free support via text, phone, email or web chat
  • The NCS also offers a translation service if you or your child need advice in a different language

Visit the site here

The Skills to Succeed Academy

The Skills to Succeed Academy is a free, interactive online training programme that you could use alongside your child to help them chose the right career, build the key employability skills to find and keep a job. There are three easy to use online training courses to choose from:

  • Getting a job
  • You and your career
  • Success in work

You will need an access code to register for the training courses but this is free to get.

Visit the site here

Careers Advice for Parents

This website is a great place to start for very clear and simple advice around helping your child with their option choices. It contains sections on choices at 16+, apprenticeships, gap years, finance and choosing careers.

Visit the site here

Bright Knowledge

There is a huge amount of information on this site for guidance on the different career and education routes your child might be considering whether it is university, further education or an apprenticeship. Here are some of the best areas to look at with your child:

  • Careers – interviews with professionals in a range of sectors giving insider advice on how you can follow in their footsteps.
  • You can afford to go to Uni booklet – a great resource to use if your child is considering this route and you would like a clearer picture of the costs involved.

Visit the site here

UCAS Progress – After GCSEs

The ‘after GCSEs’ area of this site is a clear guide to help you and your child think through their options after GCSEs. There is useful information to help you both think through what it’s like to stuy at a 6th form, college or university and other options available. Use the ‘explore jobs’ search to look into jobs your child might have never considered - would your child be interested in becoming an Aerospace engineer or a Forensic scientist?

Visit the site here


The following sites will help you find out more information about apprenticeships so you can support your child to decide if this is the right option for them. If your child is already interested in following this route you may want to use the sites to find out where an apprenticeship can take them or help them search for a vacancy.

Careers Advice for Parents

The ‘Apprenticeships explained’ section on this site gives a good clear overview of Apprenticeships. A good site to use if the apprenticeship route is completely new to you or your child.

Visit the site here

Not Going To Uni

This site is dedicated to helping school and college leavers make informed choices about their future showing the opportunities that exist outside of university. This site is great for inspiration if your child needs help exploring some of the options open to them apart from university. If you are unsure about the apprenticeship route read some of the case studies from young people who are following this route to see some of the exciting opportunities this can open up.

Visit the site here

Find An Apprenticeship Service

If your child is already interested in following the apprenticeship route then this site is the place to search and apply for vacancies.

Visit the site here

Advice for parents of children with Special Educational Needs

These sites provide a starting point for supporting your child with career and education decisions if they have Special Educational Needs or disabilities. The government has issued guidance to schools which expects them to give top priority to supporting young people with special educational needs and other disabilities.

Special Educational Needs – advice for parents of children with SEN

This area of the Careers Advice for Parents website offers support specifically for parents of children with Special Educational Needs. It provides a good overview of the support your child’s school should be providing and where to find further help and information.

Visit the site here

Careers advice: Help for Parents of Children with Special Needs or Disabilities

This site provides a high level overview of some of the national organisations that can help you support your child with the transition from school into higher education, further education, training and employment.

Visit the site here

Advice specifically for parents of girls

The following guide is a great resource for helping your daughter consider some of the more male-dominated careers.


Your Daughter’s Future, A Toolkit for Parents

A guide specifically for parents of girls aged 12-13 to help you support your daughters as they make important decisions about their next steps. Explores issues such as what makes some people think certain careers aren’t suitable for girls and how to help your daughter challenge innacurate beliefs.

Visit the site here

Video resources

The following sites all use short film clips to inspire your child into considering different careers from sous chef to zoo keeper. All the clips are real people in real jobs giving you and your child an insight into what each role entails

I Could

Video clips of real life storytellers sharing an inside view of their current job and reveal how they got there. Search by:

  • Subject – links between subjects your child is studying at school and related careers
  • job type – career videos grouped into different sectors to give real life examples of a huge range of careers available.
  • life decision – eg ‘I can’t decide whether to go to university or not’

‘I want to find the right job for me’

Visit the site here

Careers Box

These films show real people doing real jobs and are useful for giving insights into careers across all sectors. Use the ‘Apprenticeship’ section to hear from young people currently working towards an apprenticeship with a range of employers from the Ministry of Defence to BT.

Visit the site here

Interactive games

Don’t be put off by the fact that these resources are games. The following sites contain engaging interactive games that give a taste of what it is like to work in particular industries.

A great place to work – Local Government

This game shows off a range of careers available within the local council – ranging from registrars to firefighters. Videos and articles explore each career in more detail.

Visit the site here


As with the Local Government game explore different careers in each world – choose an employer world to dive into. There are 37 worlds to choose from. Will you look at NHS Direct, Universal Music, or the Armed Forces?

Visit the site here

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